3d print double pendulum

5 Incredible Ways People Are Using Printers For Good The impossible Print Surprise: Printing Won't Be Closing Any Factories Down This is a quadruple bearing that rotates on each other. Printed at 150 micron / 0.15mm per layer on the UP Plus 3D Printer from 3DPrintingSystems.com Voir plus Aug 25, 2017 · EME Tools has created the Rotablade Pendulum MK2, a fidget toy based on the theories of double pendulum and random movement (chaos theory). It is available to purchase from the EME Tools shop. This is not a conventional spinning toy it is based on the theory of the double pendulum and random motion. Feb 03, 2017 · one hour continuous pendulus : https://youtu.be/hXOEoH5q3Hw https://www.devinmontes.com/pendulus pendulus is one of my favorite projects, a stunning visualization of ... Wesleyan University Dept. of Physics. 3A95.50 Double Pendulum. Chaos in the double pendulum system is shown and the sensitive dependence on initial conditions of the motion of the double pendulum can also be seen.