Foaming sheet flowers making

Free Crafts Tutorial on how to make Glittery Foam Sheet Flower. This easy DIY tutorial will help you make glittered flowers at home which can be used for gift wrapping or home decoration. Silk Foam Coral Red . Foamiran foam sheet for making flowers and craft works.By adding a silk is softer to the touch.Can b.. £1.19 Dec 29, 2016 · How to make the flowers: 1. Cut out or die cut the flowers 2. Put on the medium hot iron, turn the steam off. 3. After few seconds release from the iron fold and roll in your fingers until you feel that the foam is really thin like a paper. 4. Unfold the flower and shape each petal. 5. For one flower you may use 2-3 layers of petals, stick them together with hot glue 6. Make a hole in the middle, put stamens through and secure on the bottom.