Pie chart excel select data from another sheet

How to Chart Data in Excel. To generate a chart or graph in Excel, you must first provide Excel with data to pull from. In this section, we’ll show you how to chart data in Excel 2016. Step 1: Enter Data into a Worksheet. Open Excel and select New Workbook. Enter the data you want to use to create a graph or chart. A Graph or Chart provides data in a graphical format. You can easily create charts in Excel by using the data in your worksheet, by simply selecting a range of data and then insert a chart. However, if you want to create a chart dynamically, without manually designing it, then you can write a small ... How to create chart across/from multiple worksheets in Excel? For example you have four tables with same layout in four worksheets as below screenshot shown. And now you need to create a chart with extracting a data series from each worksheet, and create a chart with extracting data points from each worksheet, how could you solve them in Excel? Mar 09, 2014 · Consolidate data from multiple ranges, sheets and excel workbooks into a single chart and table. Use filter and pivots to display data in different formats. All About Chart Data. When you chart in Excel, you chart one or more data series. A data series is a row or column of numbers that are entered into the worksheet for graphing. A pie chart can only chart a single data series. If multiple data series are selected, Excel will ignore all but the first. The image below shows a single data series.