Airport extreme power adapter specifications sheet

Is there a PoE (Power over Ethernet) kit available for the 802.11ac Airport Extreme? I.e., a kit that will allow me to power the Airport Extreme from PoE instead of from a wall outlet? 800:X:This model could be configured with AirPort (802.11b) at the time of purchase at additional cost. Apple also advertised that the system supported Bluetooth with a USB "Bluetooth adapter" sold separately. Also see: Which iMac G4 models support AirPort and which support AirPort Extreme? How do you replace or upgrade the AirPort card? APPLE AIRPORT CARD eMac/iMac/iBook G3/G4 Mac Wireless WiFi 802.11b Adapter Card - $9.59. Original Apple Airport Ibook G3 G4 wireless card Description: You are buying a used working Original Apple wireless AirPort Card ibook G3/ imac G4 802.11b.