Form ii 2 duplication of benefits fact sheet : NCR Paper Xero/Form II Carbonless Paper, 8-1/2 x 11-Inch, 2-Part Straight, White/Canary, Pack of 500 (NCR0395) : Carbonless Copy Paper : Office Products 4. Copy of the Fact Sheet (optional) (see Appendix IV for a sample). B. File 20 copies of the following with the Executive Director of Legislative Council within a day or two after filing with Secretary of State: 1. Fact Sheet; and 2. Notice of Rulemaking Proposal Form. II. ADOPTED RULE: A. The adopted rule should contain all of the following: 1. Form II-2, Duplication of Benefits (DOB) Fact Sheet Page 3 of 4 Duplication of Benefits (DOB) Fact Sheet (Continued) Hazard Minimization Funds Disaster Housing and IFG-eligible property owners may receive a grant to implement measures that help prevent repeated damage. Hazard Minimization funds will be deducted from the purchase price only if you Form 2 AMIA Dissertation Award 2018 Information Sheet (Please submit this completed form with your nomination materials) Nominator: Sep 24, 2015 · Use the table below to determine whether an original request for benefits that is not filed on one of the prescribed forms in M21-1, Part III, Subpart ii, 2.B.1.a, M21-1, Part III, Subpart ii, 2.B.1.b, or M21-1, Part III, Subpart ii, 8.A.1.c, is considered an informal claim or a request for application. Each budget line item on Form IV must be supported by a detailed description. This form explains what budget details are required for each line item. Complete the budget backup, providing as much detail as possible. All staff costs listed should include title/function, salary/wage, and percentage of time charged to the project. qExplain duplication of benefits (DOB) in detail. DOB is one of the most complex and least understood aspects of property acquisition. It is an issue that can cause confusion and anger if not properly understood. Therefore, be sure every property owner understands it. Photocopy Form II-2, Duplication of Benefits (DOB) Fact Sheet, and